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The Gospel Side of Bill Emerson & Sweet Dixie


  • He knows my name
  • Will a light be shining bright
  • What a day
  • Little stone lambs
  • Fifty miles of elbow room
  • Thank Him for the miracle
  • Beautiful
  • Last night I was there
  • Drifting too far from the shore
  • The rope
  • Keep on the sunny side of life
  • The lord will light the way

Dancin' Annie


  • Dancin' Annie
  • The Only Wind That Blows
  • Days When You Were Mine
  • State Line Ride
  • Will A Light Be Shining Bright
  • A Face From Another Place
  • Two Hands On The Wheel
  • Thank Him For The Miracle
  • Walkin' After Midnight
  • Whistle Stop
  • This Heart You Have Broken
  • He Knows My Name

The Touch Of Time


  • My Baby Thinks He's A Train
  • Castle Hayne
  • Little Pink
  • The Touch Of Time
  • Home Sweet Dixie Home
  • Today I Turned Your Picture To The Wall
  • The Rope
  • These Ones
  • You're The Highlight Of My Life
  • Love Gone Cold
  • Electric Avenue
  • Last Night I Was There

Featuring: Teri Chism, Wayne Lanham, Chris Stifel and special guest Bill Evans



  • New San Juan
  • Jesse James
  • Coast to Coast
  • Chilly Winds
  • Espanol
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Don't Come Around
  • Ride it Out
  • Tex Mex Shindig
  • No Steering - No Brakes
  • Dickenson County Breakdown
  • Poor Rebel Soldier
  • The Grey Ghost
  • Old Cane Pole
Description: ECLIPSE includes 11 instrumentals and vocals from Tom Adams, Jenny Leigh Obert and Marshall Wilborn with Lynn Morris. Musicians include special guest Janet Davis, Jimmy Gaudreau, Marshall Wilborn, Chris Stifel, Tom Adams, Jenny Leigh Obert and Chris Henry



  • I Don't Care Anymore
  • Love Reunited
  • Life In The Old Farm
  • The Midnight Train
  • Old Coal Town
  • The Black Fox
  • I Can't Find Your Love Anymore
  • Little Stone Lambs
  • Sometimes The Pleasure's Worth The Pain
  • Grandpa Emory's Banjo
  • Grandma's Tattoos
  • The Lord Will Light The Way
Description: SOUTHERN is the 6th solo album release during his legendary career that has spanned over 50 years. Called a "Banjo Legend" by the Washington Post and twice awarded "Banjo Player of the Year" by the Muleskinner News, BILL EMERSON was a founding member of the famed COUNTRY GENTLEMAN; billed as a featured artist while with JIMMY MARTIN; the man who introduced the classic "Fox on the Run"; and was the founder and shaper of COUNTRY CURRENT, the world renowned bluegrass ensemble of the U.S Navy Band. "SOUTHERN" is the long awaited album by Banjo Legend BILL EMERSON and Sweet Dixie.

Bill Emerson & The Sweet Dixie Band

  • Ridin' My Thumb To Mexico
  • Hills Of Roane County
  • A Little Rain
  • Fiddler's Green
  • Yard Sale
  • Beautiful
  • Linda Lou
  • Maybe Someday
  • Cold Sheets Of Rain
  • Keep On The Sunny Side Of Life
  • All My Ramblin' Days Are Through
  • There's No Room Inside Your Heart
  • Sweet Dixie Girl
  • All The Best
  • Three Day Beard And A Rusty Jeep
  • Paul Williams
  • Scott Linton
  • Con Burch
  • Pete Goble
  • Brad Corbin
  • Randy Waller
  • Darren Beachley
  • Mark Newton
  • Wayne Taylor
  • Frank Solivan
  • Andy Ball
  • Gary Ferguson

The Best of Emerson & Waldron

  • Early Morning Rain
  • I'm Bound To Ride
  • There's No Room In My Heart For The Blues **
  • Fox On The Run
  • Spanish Grass
  • A Lonesome Night
  • Deep River
  • If I Were A Carpenter
  • Shiloh **
  • Little Maggie **
  • Our Darling's Gone
  • Wheels **
  • Proud Mary
  • I Know You're Married **
  • You Didn't Say Goodbye
  • Who Will Sing For Me
** - Previously Unreleased
  • Bill Emerson
  • Cliff Waldron
  • Garland Alderman
  • Mike Auldridge
  • John Duffey
  • Ed Ferris
  • Bill Poffinberger

Home of the Red Fox

  • Home Of The Red Fox
  • Old Times In Virginia
  • Appalacvhiana
  • Stonewall Country
  • Cowboys And Indians
  • Theme Time
  • Sweet Dixie
  • Down To The Wire
  • Welcome To New York
  • Trail Dust
  • Bill Emerson
  • Tony Rice
  • Jimmy Gaudreau
  • Mark Schatz
  • Jerry Douglas
  • Jim Buchanan

Emerson & Newton

* This CD is "Out Of Print" and is not available elsewhere
We have a limited quantity so hurry with your order.

  • Home run man Long gone baby
  • The vow
  • Wastin' time
  • Monrosine
  • Opening day
  • Don't cry to me
  • Just a stone's throw away
  • The singer
  • Bill Emerson
  • Emory Lester
  • Bobby Goff Jr.
  • Mark Newton
  • Rickie Simpkins
  • Fred Travers

Gold Plated Banjo

  • Ridin' the High Iron
  • Black Mountain Rag
  • New Camptown Races
  • Silver Bell
  • Ridin the High Iron
  • True Blue
  • Reynard in the Canebrakes
  • Earl's Breakdown
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Jump Cricket Jump
  • Choking the Strings
  • Knights of the Golden Horseshoe
  • Bill Emerson on banjo
  • Tony Rice on guitar
  • Jimmy Gaudreau on mandolin
  • Larry Stephenson on mandolin
  • Rickie Simpkins on fiddle
  • Mark Schatz on bass and open back banjo
  • Ronnie Simpkins on bass

AcuTab Transcriptions Volume 1

Included are banjo breaks from Gold Plated Banjo CD and from the Emerson & Taylor Appaloosa CD.
  • Appaloosa
  • Black Mountain Rag
  • Choking The Strings
  • Earl's Breakdown
  • Espanol
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Jump Cricket Jump
  • Knights Of The Golden Horseshoe
  • Lonesome Pine Breakdown
  • New Camptown Races
  • Old Lonesome Road Blues, The
  • Reynard In The Canebrakes
  • Ridin The High Iron
  • Rose
  • Silver Bell
  • Tennessee Breakdown
  • Tex-Mex Shindig
  • Too Many Tears
  • True Blue

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